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Quality of Care

We’ve invested in recruiting the talent to give the appropriate patient care. At QualityMD, providers are carefully screened prior to hire. We have Board Certified Physicians and outstanding Physicians Assistants. Our patients can be assured that we will be here with the right care when they need us.


With the high co-pay and low insurance discounts available, QualityMD is the better financial alternative to urgent care or emergency room treatment. Our systems enable us to efficiently deal with accounting activities. Our low co-pays, insurance acceptance policies and billing systems keep our prices well below urgent care and emergency room rates.


Clear Communication

Family physicians typically require an appointment which may or may not be available on a timely basis. Urgent care or emergency rooms are always available for walk in but you may spend hours to be seen and it is possible that the appropriate staff may not be available. QualityMD is set up to accept both appointments and walk-in patients. It can effectively and efficiently treat a numerous patients on a daily basis.